Visit to the Husky farm


Visit to the Husky farm

On our Husky farm visit you will have an excellent change to see our laid-back summer huskies on their vacation.

Our trip starts at the Salla Reindeer Park to the farm that is about 30 kilometers away. Our guide will lead the way and you can easily follow with your own car.

Once we get there our guide will tell you about the dogs, taking care of them, training them and of course our sleigh rides in the winter. You have a chance to see all the gear and stuff that is needed to take care of the dogs, do the sleigh rides and maintain everything else. And if you are lucky you might see the cute small puppies as well.

As the local way goes, there will be coffee and bun served for the guests. By the coffee it is nice to chat for example the local history or the way of living here in the middle of nowhere.



1.6. - 30.9.


33 €, children from 4 to 13 years -50%


ca. 2 h



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