Kössi reindeer program


Kössi reindeer program

Lappish scenery, reindeer, black pot coffee and local people.

Journey in to reindeer life starts from the auditorium of Reindeer Park, where guide will tell you about reindeer year cycle. From auditorium we continue to the Hall of Forest -display where you will find interesting facts about local nature, plants, animals etc.

After all this you will have a chance to see reindeer up close. Reindeer Park is 200 hectare area and it is part of Kaunisharju natural forest. In the park we preserve old nature values.

To the feeding place, that is about 1,5 kilometers away, everyone will go with their own vehicles. And next task is to call the reindeer and feed them.

After reindeer are done eating we will gather in Kota or Laavu (small Lappish huts) and enjoy coffee or tea with local bun. Our local guides will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the reindeer.

After the coffee break you can wander around the Park on your own, with the help of map you will get from our guide.

You can read more about our reindeer welfare from this link!


15.5. - 30.10.


31 €, children from 4 to 13 years -50%


ca. 2h



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