Green Activities

Our company is awarded with Green Activities -certificate

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Green Activities

Salla Wilderness Park is offering eco friendly excursion to Salla wilderness. We offer reindeer, husky, snowshoe, forest ski, canoeing and hiking activities where you can learn about local livelihood and living. Northern lights, star or midnight sun will give you memories not to forget.

Salla Wilderness Park, previously known as Salla Reindeer Park, was established in 1996. Since its establishment, it has been clear that the program services are ecological and the operating environment is cherished and used in a sustainable manner. Now, more than 20 years later, it is time to show these results with Green Activities certification. The company awarded with the Green Activities label is committed to increase the environmental awareness of its personnel and customers, improving the use of energy and water, and reducing the environmental impact of operations.

To qualify for the Green Activities certification, a company must meet environmental criteria that are internationally defined. It includes, for example, monitoring of water and electricity consumption, guiding and training customers and staff, and various environmental criteria, such as the Ecolabel for all detergents (Swan Flag).

By doing the right thing and adjusting our operations, we also convey information and images to our customers, who we hope will bring ideas and ecology to their own environment. In the future, Green Activities will be featured with characters, stories and small-scale campaigns in our operations.

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Green Activities