Frequently Asked Questions


At what age you can participate on safaris?

We don’t have minimum age on our tours. Youngest participant on reindeer safari has been under one year and oldest over 90 years. When it comes to kids, parents knows best how long their children can sit in a reindeer sleigh or canoe. Remember to take extra look at kids clothing on cold weathers.

How to dress in the cold?

Dress accordingly to weather. Layer clothing is the key and keeps you warm. Always were at least two pairs of socks, thick woolen socks are great if you have them.

Under layer we recommend thermal clothing, then fleece or wool layer and on top warm winter jacket and pants, or overalls. Under layer keeps your skin dry, wool or fleece keeps you warm and outer layer keeps moisture and wind outside.

Two pairs of gloves is also recommended. Underneath thin gloves and on top big, warm mittens.

Jeans are not for winter and outdoors. Neither is cotton since it doesn’t warm you at all.

If needed, we provide winter overalls, winter shoes, warm mittens and woolen socks for our safaris.

Do you have cold limit on your safaris?

We haven’t reached cold limit yet. At coldest we have made a reindeer safari on -42ºC. On cold weather we adapt our safaris and we make sure everyone is geared up properly for the weather.

When winter starts in Salla

Winter season is on full speed in the beginning of December. It depends a little bit of the year, but we get the first snow usually in October-November. If in November we have enough snow, we can already do safaris at that time. We very often have snow till late April.

In November and end of April safaris are done according to weather conditions and can be cancelled on force majeure.

When can we see the Northern Lights?

Northern light season starts in mid August, when nights get dark enough and it lasts till beginning of April. You can see the northern lights when sky is dark and clear. You need to find place dark enough, preferably a bit away from street lights. It also helps if you find open view to the north.

Do you have options for special diets?

On most of our programs we offer something to eat and drink. If you prefer vegetarian, gluten-free or some other special diet, we can serve you according to this. On these cases we need to know this in advance, so please inform us already when you make booking.

All our products are lactose-free.